First Time Home Buyers Best Kept Secrets

I Wish I Would Have Known...

Let’s face it. Hindsight is 20/20, but this list gives you the opportunity to ensure you don’t make mistakes and can own with no regrets.

  • Work with a Buyer's Agent (this is a free service to you, the buyer!)
  • Ensure you have at least 1% of the sales price of the home to use as your Earnest Money check. This shows the seller that you're serious.
  • Make sure all changes to the Offer to Purchase are in writing.
  • Learn the home buying terminology.
  • Learn the terms of financing.
  • Don't get caught up on minor cosmetic issues. These are typically easy fixes.
  • Do pay attention to more major repairs that could cost you a lot.

Steps to Finding The Right Home

Triangle Secrets

  • Check out the annual Parade of Homes to get ideas for your home purchase.
  • When you get stressed out, hop on over to some of our favorite Raleigh spaces to unwind. Maybe you'll find some decorating inspiration at one of these spots!
  • If you get stuck, we're always here to help.